"To be a living Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring God's creation together by witnessing, spreading, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His Love, His Hope, and His Grace by providing Christian, Religious and Spritual guidance, education, instruction and other services through the Church and its Ministries to bring healing to the body, mind and soul of the needy throughout the world."

Grace Church's humble beginnings.

In 1994 Grace Church of Miami, Ibnc., was started.  "Grace Church", as we are now known as, is a Christian, Non-Denominational, Spirit-Filled, Full-Gospel, Bible-Believing Church.  Many people have the misconception that Grace Church is strictly a church located in Miami.  This is not true.  The full name of our Church is "Grace Church of Miami Shores, Inc.", thereby creating a misconception of our geographical location.

Grace Church operates what are known in the Christian world as "Mission Outreach Church Centers" which are small Churches offering Worship Services, Prayer Groups, and Bible Studies in offices, storefronts, homes, at street corners, and in pbilic places, with outreach programs located in different areas throughout Florida and other parts of the United States and India.  Some of these Church Cervices, Bible Studies and Ministry Programs are located in the same building as our Bingo Fund-Raising Halls, and other venues, when we are able to do so.  Grace Church maintains several Mission Churches combined with its Bingo fund-raising halls in different areas in Florida

Grace Church started as Grace Church of Miami Shores, Inc., in 1992 in a store-front, in Miamia, Florida, as a small, Christian, non-denominational Church, and has been growing ever since.  Though Grace Church is a Christian, Non-Denominational (Protestant) Church we have sister Churches and Ministries:  Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide, Mission Pilots Church, Charlies Angels Outreach Church, Grace Abundance Outreach Church, and other Churches and Ministires in both Protestasnt and Catholic Religious doctrines.

Christ is everywhere!

Grace Church's primary focus is serving the Lord first and foremost by helping the less-fortunate and bringing people to Jesus.  We serve those in need... such as those with addictions, who currently have or had contact with the criminal justice systems, the homeless, and those others of society who are in need in their daily living circumstances.

In 2000, Grace Church started on a journey in a transition to become a "Mission Church" and open Mission Churches and related Outreach Center programs to help the poor, those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and those in jails and prison.

Grace Church offers several Ministry programs:  Jail and Prison Ministry, Grace Abundance Outreach Mission, The Bible in 1 Year Ministry, Worship Services for Christian Song, Prayer and Healing, among other Ministry/Ourtech Programs.

Grace Church is starting to grow and is now re-organizing to serve God's Children more effectively and has implemented various fund-raising programs through the game of Bingo, for fun and entertainment.  But we are still a small Christian Church made up of volunteers, including our staff.

Grace Church continues to grow with the divine intervention of Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savoir.